Jessica Harper


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • The state of the community

  • Make gluten free products cheaper

  • The price of healthy food

Candidate profile:

I wish to be a part of the Welsh youth parliament because I would like to ensure young peoples voices are heard. I will do this by visiting local school's and youth group to speak to the local children about what they think we could do to improve the area, I will also have an email open 24 hours a day for people to send their suggestions in so I and the rest of the youth parliament can try to resolve their issues.

The key areas chosen are the community isn't tidy, I feel we could solve this by having clean-up projects so people can volunteer to clean the community. The next two issues I wish to resolve are reducing the price of healthier foods because so many people today are trying to eat healthier but are struggling because of the price of the healthier options of food. The next one is making gluten-free foods cheaper, I believe we should do this because people who can't eat gluten are spending so much money on foods that they have no choice but to eat, I really believe that these final issues need to be handled on a larger scale. 


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