Ella-Marie Jones


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental Health for young people

  • Improving Homelessness in Wales 

  • Improve PSE in Schools

Candidate profile:

Hi I’m Ella-Marie!

I am interested in running for Welsh Youth Parliament because I am a driven person; I am opinionated and feel that I am easy to talk to. If there is an issue I will help young people to get their voices across.  I am a member of the Senedd yr Ifanc which is Wrexham Youth Parliament and being a member enables me to communicate with other young people in Wrexham and allows me to represent the views of a collective voice.

I believe that you should vote for me because I am understanding and always think of others. I am willing to stand up for young people and project their thoughts in Welsh Youth Parliament. I am approachable and committed to the role of being Wrexham’s representative. I am able to communicate clearly and effectively to share the views of the Senedd yr Ifanc and I believe this is a skill I could use on the Welsh Youth Parliament. I am passionate about improving mental health services for young people and want to raise awareness of mental health issues and the effect it has on young people across Wales.

“Vote for me to have YOUR voice heard”!


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