Michael John Trodd

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Curriculum that teaches only essentials

  • Public transport prices

  • Pollution/natural beauty

Candidate profile:

I personally believe that I would make an outstanding addition to the Welsh Youth Parliament for the following reasons. I am devoted to Wales however there are some blatant problems which urgently need to be fixed to improve the lives of many generations to come. Young boys and girls seem to have their voices drowned out by adults who "think they are doing what is best for them," however young people need to be heard, we could set up clubs or meeting points in comprehensive schools for the children to submit ,to a survey, what should be changed. I am a strong debater and have been voted on of the top ten debaters of my year group in the Pixl Edge debate competition last year and my team came within the top five in the competition. I sincerely hope my application is accepted, I would be punctual when it comes to meetings or tasks and I will argue my opinions strongly. I am a strong debater and will be a brilliant member of the Welsh Youth Parliament. 


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