Jac Lindsey


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Public travel prices

  • Supporting youth services

  • Helping youths with mental health

Candidate profile:

Hi my name is Jac Lindsey and I would like to become the welsh youth parliament representative for my area because i believe that I can make a change in people’s lives that are i between 11 and 18. I would be able to reach out with many people in my area so that i do what is best for them and I would make sure there voices are heard by people that can make a difference. I think that people should vote for me because I will do what’s best for them and our area.

I think that i have loads of skills that would help me if I am chosen to represent Pontypridd. some of these are that I am good at arguing with people and i can choose what option is more important than the other. I can also make sure that all the voices in my area can be heard. I have chosen my three options because i think that they are big issues in my area and they could be improved. My main point is probably supporting youth services because it has affected a lot of people i know because some have been closed down.


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