Tristan Isaac-King

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Votes for 16 year olds

  • Free university education 

  • Helping children living in poverty

Candidate profile:

I want young people like myself to live in a world where they can go to university without having to worry about paying off loans once they've left, I want young people living in poverty to be supplied things like equipment and school uniform if their family cannot afford it ,and I want young people aged 16 and 17 to have the right to vote.

I want to be a voice for young people across Wales and I want to supply a future for young people that doesn't put anyone at a disadvantage to anyone else. It doesn't matter what background you come from because anyone who has the ability should have a free university education, everyone should be able to afford equipment and school uniform and many other things like that because everyone deserves an education without disruption, and young people should have the right to vote because they should have the right to vote for their future.

If young people were to have the right to vote it could support a future where young people have a say in key government decisions. I want to support a future for young people, and a future of Wales as well.


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