Ebony Johnston

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • I care about the environment

  • I care about children’s lives

  • I care about having happiness

Candidate profile:

The  reason why I would like to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament is so I can help make children's lives better so they can become the best that they can possibly be and get a bright future. I would like to help children's get their  voices  heard and help them to stand up and make choices that will affect their lives the most. The experience that I have which I believe will help me are that I've been vice chairperson of the school council in year 6 and been in various committees that helped me get my voice heard and allowed me to stand up for what is right .

A skill which I have is that  I have had to speak in front of a large crowds at  various occasions and I'm  not nervous and I stand up for what I believe is right.  I will try my hardest and be the best that I can possibly be to help children's lives become better ones, I might not be the best person ever in the world but I believe that I can do this and that is why I strongly believe that you should vote for me.


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