Wayne Pritchard


Standing for:

Ynys Môn

My key issues are:

  • Young people’s mental health

  • Teaching youths finance skills 

  • Lack of specific youth areas

Candidate profile:

I’m Wayne and I would like to stand as a candidate for the Welsh Youth Parliament because I want to see change for a better future for young people and for young people’s views not to be disregarded. I will ensure that people in my community will be represented by asking young people’s opinions on relevant topics via the school.

People should vote for me because I am a good listener, a confident speaker, I am rational and realistic and I speak my mind.  I think everyone should be given the chance to give their opinion regardless of what it is.

If I was a candidate I would campaign for schools to teach finance skills in schools, provide more support for young people’s mental health and for more youth clubs to be opened in Wales. In year 10 I was a class representative which gave me the opportunity to give the views of my classmates to the teachers. I was also a scout, which meant I learned many social skills and other various skills. Other skills which I think would make me a good youth parliament member are that I play guitar and piano and keep up with current affairs.


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Ynys Môn, North WalesAmy Knox