Anita Habberley


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Bullying

  • Healthy eating

  • Equal opportunities and Human rights

Candidate profile:

I would like to be a Youth Parliament Member because I am passionate about helping Wales address issues that affect young people.

As a Youth Parliament Member I would campaign against bullying by training teachers and pupils on how to spot and tackle bullying in schools and colleges. I would also campaign for Equal opportunities and Human Rights.

As a young disabled person myself I would address the issues that other young disabled people have in Wales such as access to Employment; Education and Training. Everyone is equal no matter their religion, disability or background. I am also passionate about healthy eating to reduce the obesity rates within Wales. To help maintain peoples wellbeing we should provide exercise and food preparation courses at a discount for young people. This will radically reduce costs on the NHS too. Through my volunteer work within my local community I will consult with young people and ensure their voices are heard and issues addressed.

People should vote for me as I am well organised; compassionate and reliable. I really want to change things for young people in Wales and I feel my friendly and determined demeanour will enable me to do this


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