Matthew David Brown


Standing for:

Swansea West

My key issues are:

  • National tests and curriculum reform

  • Community projects and youth facilities

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

Candidate profile:

I have creative ideas and boundless energy to help deliver policies that will improve the quality of life of young people in my constituency and across Wales. In general life I see inequality, underinvestment, drab communities and social injustice, which are issues that the Welsh Assembly have devolved powers to tackle.

I will influence policies by seeking opinions and ideas through meetings with school councils and in community halls, through questionnaires and going door to door. I will work with young people by discussing issues that matter most and raise awareness of these issues and debate them. I will also increase young people's representation in a positive way by making sure their voices are heard. I will stand up in front of policy makers and deliver these concerns.

I believe I have the communication skills aquired through being on the school council and by being a language ambassador, and I see that this role is the next step forward to influence policies on a wider scale.


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