Jessica Davies


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental Health Help

  • Equality

  • First Aid in the Curriculum

Candidate profile:

Hi my name is Jessica and I’m here to try and become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament. I would love to become a member so I can get young people’s voices across and help improve what they believe what is missing or incorrect and needs to be changed. I think people should vote for me because I plan to change the way the Parliament views us young people, no longer will they ignore us nor will they think we should go unheard because we have a voice with great ideas, and those ideas could be what changes the way the Parliament treats us.

You may be wondering how I’m going to be able to listen to all of your voices, I plan to create surveys to enable for your opinions to be heard and will hopefully be able to personally visit schools to converse with pupils and hear their opinions. Another thing I can do is hold discussions at different venues for people in Torfaen. I may not have done something like this before as I am young like all of my fellow candidates but I can assure that everyone’s voice and opinions will be heard across Parliament.


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