Nia Crimmins


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Disability discrimination

  • Mental health

  • The obviousness of free school-meals

Candidate profile:

This is your chance to change the future of the world we live in for the better. I am a strong believer in every single person having a say in the issues that our society faces. Your voices need to be heard, and through me, they will be louder than ever before.

I want to be a member of the welsh youth parliament because I want to take an active part in improving the lives of others.

I have experiences in a number of things that I believe would make me the perfect person to represent our constituency: I'm a member of my school's debate club so have learnt how to clearly convey my opinions to others, I've been the representative of my form class for two years in a row , I am often the member of my class who is requested to take any notices around as I am a trustworthy person, and I have requested for more awareness of certain disabilities within my school.

All of my key issues are things I have experienced or seen and are very important to me. I respect the opinions of others, and a vote for me is a vote for everyone.


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