Madison Phipps-Magill

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Young people Understanding politics

  • Gender equality

  • Mental health, support for children

Candidate profile:

I am 14 years old and i'm currently in year 10. I am currently vice-chair for my school parliament, I have been very involved in consultations and I strongly believe the voice of children and young people needs to be heard by decision makers. I believe things will only improve in Wales for young people if they are able to work in partnership with the Welsh government. From my experience of promoting the views and concerns of my peers, I am confident that I am able to advocate on the behalf of those I would represent in youth parliament.

There is a distinct lack of understanding within my peers of the political landscape in Wales and the UK. I feel it is important for young people to have information to fully understand how they can contribute to decisions and who the decision makers are. There are many concerns we share together including gender equality and mental health and I would use my portion on youth parliament to make sure these are topics of discussions. I am involved in St johns ambulance, a youth theatre school and I am able to reach out to local groups and schools.


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