Meilir Devine Roberts


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Improved youth mental health support 

  • Reducing one use plastic production

  • Improved fitness facilities and education

Candidate profile:

I want to ensure that the voice of youth is heard, resulting in positive change. Among my peers many feel detached from politics, but I have a passion to help them realise that political issues directly affect their wellbeing, family and community. I would be proud to represent the younger generation in Wales, empowering them to address important matters and express their opinions with confidence.

I would visit local high schools to speak in assemblies. I would also create social media accounts on facebook and instagram, making politics accessible and relevant in their lives; even for the less confident.

Youths should vote for me because I am passionate, determined and ready to do what is necessary to support them.  I am approachable, trustworthy and reliable. Above all: I care.

I was inspired to seek nomination on a visit to the Senedd this year. This gave me a chance to debate with youths from across Delyn and learn about their views and how parliament functions. I have developed key skills and experiences as an active member of my year council at school and as a scout patrol leader, receiving the Gold Scouts award.

It would be an honour to represent Delyn.


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