Eva Edwards

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Standing for:

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Environment - overuse of cars

  • Affordable sporting programmes

  • Mental health & social care

Candidate profile:

Health issues are rife in our society, with social media playing a key role in the decline of our mental health and social wellbeing. Being a part of the Welsh Youth Parliament would give me an opportunity to create a positive change. We face grave environmental issues and  as a member previously of my school eco council I know education is limited on this topic. These problems are not being solved and our future is paying the price. I want to change this and give the country a brighter future.

Exploring deeper into the challenges facing young people and the changes they would like to see would be a necessity. A school survey would be an efficient way of communicating with students and discovering their opinions.

I believe I would make a successful WYP member because I am persevering. Therefore, I will be determined to share my ideas. I train with different types of people from different backgrounds which gives me insight into the challenges of different societies.

I have strong interest in history and politics and have admired how small changes can have brilliant outcomes .Being a member WYP would open the door to create a happier, healthier society. 


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