Syeda Zarra Jakir


Standing for:

Cardiff central

My key issues are:

  • Education

  • Health

  • Environment

Candidate profile:

I am a firm believer in youth empowerment and for me, "youth matters!" I am a passionate advocate of youth representation in all spheres of public life as I believe we are not being taken seriously by our political masters in matters that will directly impact our future. The 'Brexit Vote' is a stark example. The fact that 16-17 year olds were not entitled to vote on the most important decision of our lives was outrageous!

Furthermore, political parties are not consulting the younger generation in their Brexit negotiations. While being vocal in my community on youth matters by getting involved in debates and charity work, I am also a patient listener and willing to embrace constructive ideas as well as acknowledging criticism. I am also a strong advocate of embracing diversity.           The younger generation must be vigilant to ensure that our voices are heard and we are involved in decisions that will shape the future of this great country of ours.

As a member of the youth parliament, with your support and with my firm conviction, I will represent your views and concerns at appropriate levels and forums.


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