Erin Crocker

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Standing for:

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Recycling

  • Dog licensing

  • Welshness

Candidate profile:

I want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member because I love my country. I would really like to help it get better. I will consult with young people in my area and ensure they are represented and that their voices are heard by joining up with clubs such as scouts, youth clubs and school which I am all a part of and dearly love. Therefore I should be able to to consult young people and help their problems in my area  easily.

Someone should vote for me because I would like to improve Wales for the younger generation such as myself. The skills and experience I have are 4 years on the Eco and Environmental school council and also my school's Teaching and Learning committee. I have recently joined a debating club in order to improve my public speaking and debating which my help me greatly in my work if I do join Wales' Youth Parliament.

I pay close attention to detail and am very keen to learn. I'd love to work with people like me who care about their country and future. I'm  based around my star sign "who" says I am driven, action-oriented and ambitious.

Thank you.


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