Miriam Butcher


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Period poverty

  • Educational funding

  • The growing health crisis

Candidate profile:

The young people of Wales have a lot to say and it is a wonderful privilege to be able to run for a position in the Welsh Youth Parliament.

So many beneficial changes have been brought about by the Welsh Assembly Government, and I desperately want to bring about change that will benefit many others, with a specific focus on young people. I am very interested in politics as a whole and am a member of the Girls’ Circle/ Full Circle Education Youth Advisory Panel. In this role I help the organisation to work with the opinions and best interests of young people in mind, because I strongly believe that no one knows young people better than themselves.  

I am also a part of Plan International’s Stand With Girls campaign, which has enabled me to develop my knowledge of issues faced by many different people from different walks of life in Wales. I am also an MP in the Model House of Commons on the Student Room, and have developed a love of debating from there. All of these experiences aide me in knowing what change I and many others want to happen.

Lets make the change happen.


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