Austin Price


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Healthcare and the NHS

  • The education system

  • Environmental issues

Candidate profile:

In society today, young people are often left unheard by those in power. They're not given a say in how the system that governs their lives actually works. This leads to hardships that we will unwillingly face in the future. There are so many intelligent, socially and politically aware fellow pupils and young people around me who deserve to be heard. I will be that platform.  

Do you want to be listened to? I could help you get your voice heard, your opinions do matter. If you want something to change, I can help you change it. I will listen, no matter what you say or how you say it.  

I consider myself politically aware and am a keen follower of news and current affairs, both locally and nationally. Something that does alarm me, is the startling rise in knife crime (mostly affecting teenagers and youths), it is concerning the Police and NHS alike. This needs to be addressed.  

If you want to communicate your ideas to the people who need to hear them, if I am elected, you can do this through me.  

If you want a voice, you're in the right place.


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