Leah Wyn Arbon


Standing for:

Clwyd South

My key issues are:

  • Not enough youth clubs

  • Littering

  • Lack of youth activities

Candidate profile:

Hello, hello my name is Leah Wyn Arbon. I will be a good member of the welsh youth parliament because I am fluent in Welsh, I am a form rep in my high school called Ysgol Dinas Bran and hopefully a year rep very soon. There are many different issues that I would like to discuss, such as there aren't many youth clubs in the Denbighshire area.

Many teenagers litter and it's not helping the environment at all and when people want to meet with their friends but there aren't many activities to do around, and ones that are available are too far away. I have thought of many different ways to fix these issues. We could have more youth clubs or have them on more than one night a week.

We can go round picking up litter once a month and we could open up more clubs and activities when teenagers hang around with each other. I really hope that you vote for me to be a Welsh youth parliament member so I can help make your area a environmentally friendly and fun place for you and your friends!


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