Sophie Laing


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Better recognition for Young Carers

  • More rights for Transgender students

  • Reforming the Welsh Baccalaureate

Candidate profile:

I am unique from other candidates because I am representative of minority groups which means that I have had to fight for what I think is right all my life, I am strong minded about issues that are important to me but I am always willing to listen to views of other people and take them into account when I am making decisions that will affect them.

I am interested in in taking up this position because I am a Young Carer and I have notice that minority groups do not do not get the recognition they need within organisations that make decisions that greatly affect them, I aim to change that! I spent my time campaigning for change, bringing recognition to groups and giving a voice to the voiceless in matters that affect them.

As I person I am very creative who is up for giving anything a go and will always do it to the best of my abilities no matter what. I am a diligent worker, even if I don’t find it easy, and will always do my very best to do what’s right for the people who I am representing.


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