Nicole Walker


Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Education

  • Domestic Abuse / Violence

  • Bullying in schools

Candidate profile:

I want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament member for a number of reasons. Firstly, I want to develop a simplistic system that allows other young people to have a voice. Secondly,  I want to raise more awareness and help other domestic abuse victims or survivors like myself to speak up and get help that they need to move on. I want to give young people a voice so they know they are not alone.

How I would make sure that young people in my area are represented and their voices are being heard is by making a social media account that young people can contact me with their problems. I would also like to chair local meetings between young people discussing local priorities.

I would like people to vote for me because I want to make a difference and give young people like myself a voice. The skills and experiences I have is that I am on the school Senedd and have taken part in a hugely successful charity campaign in which I was awarded  the "First Give" Alumni Award. I am motivated, determined and I am confident to present my views and thoughts to a large audience. 


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