Madeline Dhesi


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Young people’s mental health

  • Creating more work experience opportunities

  • Progress supporting young people’s voices

Candidate profile:

I'm Madeline Dhesi and I live in Wrexham and go to the Maelor School, Penley. I am applying to the Welsh Youth Parliament because I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people with my ideas. I am a strong public speaker and have lots of ideas and plans if I were to be elected a Welsh Youth Parliament member.

As a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, I will focus on improving mental health support (particularly in education) for young people as well as increasing knowledge of mental health struggles. I aim to increase future career ambitions/opportunities  for young people by implementing the option to start work experience from a younger age. I would like to further empower young people's  voices and opinions.

I aim to increase transport options in my area and lower transport costs and am also interested in increasing young people's knowledge of environmental and social issues, and local and international politics. I have the idea of proposing an online moderated public forum for young people in Wales which would increase support for  young people's livelihood and educational problems which would also increase government awareness of young people's issues and aspirations.


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