Emma Brown

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Make mental health services better

  • Help refugees feel more welcome

  • Better NHS and school funding

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Emma Brown I’m 11 years old, and I want to stand for the Welsh youth parliament. Why do I want to stand? I want to stand because I feel like I’ll be an appropriate nomination. I also want to stand to make wales a better place for young people. What makes me different?

Although I’m 11 I feel like that the younger children should have a voice to. Also, I can speak Welsh fluently and I am very interested in this type of field. I was also on the school council last year and made a lot of changes to my Welsh school. Why do I want to make mental health services better?

At home I have a sister who struggles with anxiety and depression, who is currently working with CAHMS to make her feel better, but why do I want to make these types of services better? Well the waiting lists are too long and I feel like peoples situations could get worse, so I feel like we need more accessible services to young people. If I get chosen I will make sure every child gets a voice. Thank you for reading, Emma Brown


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