Caitlin Clarke

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental Health

  • Environment

  • Farming

Candidate profile:

I want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament worker because I feel like I can be a very good Parliament worker and what I’m electing for is Mental Health.Mental Health is very important to me because there’s loads of stuff happening like with Anxiety there’s not a lot of stuff that people can do anything about it or control it so I think we should give people good advice and have a place we’re people can go except from a hospital like a clinic.

I feel like we need to have the right to help these people with Anxiety some people I know have suffered with anxiety and I feel like we should help people with it even the Welsh Parliament.So if Mental Health is really close to your heart then vote for me because I will do honestly anything to help anyone with Mental Health because it’s very important with Anxiety because some people can’t control it and some people suffer with it very badly. So like I said before if Mental Health is somewhere in your heart then please vote for me because honestly most people have Mental Health and it’s important to help. Thank you


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