Megan Rees


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Better education on social issues

  • Loss of youth services

  • Environment

Candidate profile:

The Welsh Youth Parliament is the first chance young people have had to truly change Wales for the better, something I would love to be a part of. I believe I am the right person to challenge the issues Welsh young people face, including education on social issues e.g. health, relationships, discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, substance misuse; as well as the loss of services for young people, and environmental standards.

I have had an active role in my local community for several years, giving me many desirable skills. For example, I have been a part of my school parliament for 6 years, holding several different leadership positions. I can also ensure that I'm engaged with young people of all ages due to taking part in a wide range of mentoring groups, community activities, and assisting in classes. These have given me the ability to reflect on other's point of view whilst being unafraid to ensure that I am heard.

In order to represent all young people in my area I would ensure all schools established contact with the Parliament. I would also use social media. This would allow us to set up live online forums as well as communicate regularly.  


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