Haris Hussnain

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Standing for:

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Jobs 

  • Equal pay

  • Crime 

Candidate profile:

I want to make a difference in this world. What better way than to start with Wales. A survey is the best way to consult young people to understand what we need. If someone were to vote for me I'd put my country before myself and make it my duty that every young person is heard from. I have a gcse in History and I think more along what can be done rather than what is done. History has given me the skills I need to make a difference.

We must learn what was wrong in the past in order to make the future right. I have many friends who are angered about certain issues for example unequal pay. I'm doing this for them.  I also have Acromotopsiya and this isn't a limited opportunity for me to prove I have a use. 


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