Samiya Houston


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Stopping the obesity crisis.

  • Supporting young people with disabilities.

  • Making theatre accessible for everyone.

Candidate profile:

Hi! My name’s Samiya and I’m a full time student at the sixth form in King Henry VIII Secondary School in Abergavenny. I decided I wanted to apply for the Welsh Youth Parliament because, as a student in full time education, I am constantly aware of the big issues going on in the world right now – especially those that I believe are relevant to young people. I am particularly interested in combating the current  ‘obesity crisis', starting right here in Wales – because I was horrified recently to discover that we’re the third fattest nation in Europe!  If I became a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, I’d attempt to make incredibly simple changes that, I believe, will help us be happier and healthier in the long run.  

I also believe that I could represent the voice of young people in Wales who suffer from disabilities or special educational needs. I’m autistic, and I know living with the condition can be hard – especially when those who are responsible for our care don’t really understand us. I’d work with disabled individuals, and those who care for them, to try and change that – and make Wales a happier, healthier place to live!


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