Reuben Tier


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Free transport for under 18's

  • Raise Awareness of Home Education

  • Reducing pollution near schools/parks

Candidate profile:

I've always believed that children should get a say in politics, especially when it comes to the things that affect them, especially education. I think the Welsh Youth Parliament is a great chance to get involved with politics as children don’t normally get a chance. I want to help everyone’s say over their education and local area to be heard and being part of the Welsh Youth Parliament would allow me to do that. I would meet up with you throughout Aberavon and would get your views heard on a national scale.

I’ve lived in Aberavon all my life and I've been home educated since 2014. Before then I was a student in my local primary school. I think that my experience in these different forms of education will help me to best understand issues facing all types of education today. I’m especially interested in how technology can help us to make a fairer society for all of us in the future, with less pollution and better transport options.

I want to help young people in Aberavon and throughout Wales to show their opinions matter and not just leave it up to the adults to determine our future. 


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