Robert Costello


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Bullying 

  • Public safety

Candidate profile:

young people around me have been being bullied by people who have something they feel they need to prove, i want to take them and show that there is nothing they have to prove.  most  bullies do what they do to others as they share a quality that they do not like about themselves.  

a big problem in this country is how some approach mental health, i mean this not in a bad or good way, just simply to say that the way people feel about someone with depression, is wrong, they say, "it's their fault"  we can help anyone, if they are open to being helped and it's not their fault, or us as young people, it's no one persons fault, we are all responsible for how we all feel.

to consult the young people, i will hold meetings within my community and local area to see what people want. i feel people should vote for me as i know the UNCRC a i have the ability to remember what people want and how to do it. i am a Youth Inspector. why am i good for this role, because i care.


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