Saiba Ahuja


Standing for:

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Mental health in youth

  • Obesity and healthy eating

  • Children's rights

Candidate profile:

I want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament member to make a difference for youth in Wales. As a 15 year old I’m in a good position to evaluate past concerns and stop current problems continuing in future. Furthermore I could use personal experiences, which have educated me on issues young people face, to help improve things for others.

I think that as the younger generation we have limited say on society’s issues, despite growing up in today’s world. This is a perfect opportunity for me to help improve this and represent the opinion of young people in my area. I hope to consult with the youth in my area through visiting local schools, contacting guide, scout and sports groups and using local magazines and social media to reach other young people. My work in pupil forums and school councils has helped me communicate articulately, and be a good listener by taking people’s views into account to broaden my perspective and enhance discussions.

What is most important to me is being able to collectively group different ideas from all young people in my area to reach an overall consensus. I’d hopefully help all youth in my area have a voice.


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