Adrian Miclea


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Prioritising children and young people

  • Human rights and equality

  • A sustainable NHS workforce

Candidate profile:

First of all the reason i want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament is because i want to make sure the right choices are made about issues that are presently affecting the Welsh community and the ones that will be affecting the community in the future. In order to do this i will make sure i am able to consult with as many people in my area as i possibly can in order to ensure that they are represented and their voices are heard i will start with doing surveys in the area and follow with having people voice their opinions on issues on social media.

The reason you should vote for me is mainly that your voice and the community's voice needs to be heard and as i have been told several times i can be very mature for my age therefore i believe that i am capable of seriously discussing these issues. On an ending note i believe i am quite open minded which should help me when hearing the community's opinion on these issues without being too biased and being able to change my mind if good points are being made about the issues being discussed.


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