Hannah Spencer


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • To help people in education. 

  • To help the Environment.

  • To help schools with healthy eating.

Candidate profile:

I would love to be in the Welsh youth Parliament because it is a amazing opportunity and want to help your voices to be heard all over Delyn.

I ensure that everyone one that lives in Delyn will have their voices heard and every suggestion will be mentioned in meeting. No ones Opinion is silly and everyone will be have a fair chance.

In any decision that the Youth parliament will make, it will be all down to what your opinion is and I will be there to represent your hopes and wishes.

I will try my best try and help to build a Community everyone enjoys to live in .

But it's not just me but this is a chance for you to have a say  and have a chance to live in a community that you feel comfortable in and feel a part of.  

It would be a honour to represent you voices in the parliament.

Thank you.


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