Matthew Peters


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Equality for young people

  • Pollution and littering

  • Recreational accessibility and transport

Candidate profile:

Young people’s issues are commonly shrugged off as minor problems in today’s society, and we often feel disadvantaged when it comes to voicing our opinions. In order to resolve typical concerns among young people, I want to stand as part of the Welsh Youth Parliament and bring awareness of our problems to the National Assembly. In particular, I’d like to focus on increasing young people’s accessibility to recreational activities, such as through change in transport fares. I also want to provide better opportunity for involvement in politics to young people, especially the issues that affect us directly.

Lastly, I intend to act to benefit young people now and in the future by bringing to light the effects of pollution and littering on the environment and our health. In order to work effectively, I will collect your ideas and opinions through the use of social media, such as online forums. As part of the Youth Parliament, I will bring my learning from undergoing the Duke of Edinburgh awards, including my planning, communication and leadership skills. I will use also turn to my experience as a volunteer for various charities to help motivate more young people to get involved in their communities.


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