Zsa-Zsa Nessbert


Standing for:

Newport West

My key issues are:

  • Mental health 

  • Curriculum for life

  • Votes at 16

Candidate profile:

I'm Becca and I'm 15. I believe I should be elected because I'm a hard-working, passion person who is determined to make a  positive difference to life's of young people across Wales and create opportunities for all young people which don't yet exist.

As a long standing member of Newport youth council I have already shown my capabilities to communicate effectively with young people and express their views openly and respectfully. I'm experienced in campaigning being involved in many such as mental health and curriculum for life.

I know that no two people are the same and we all face different issues, my main priority will be insuring support is in place and easy to access for all young people. Being a sufferer from mental health myself I know first hand how it affect people and what needs to done to destroy the stigma and to receive the best support possible.

If I was to be elected I would give my all to ensure young people are prioritised in decision making and have their voices heard. I will continue  to personally listen to the view of people from diverse backgrounds to ensure that  everybody gets the respect they deserved! 


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