Elizabeth Horton


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health and mental disabilities

  • Farmers get equal work payment

  • Help cold, sick, homeless people

Candidate profile:

I would like to be a welsh youth parliament rep because i'd love young people to have their voices heard, speak up for them selves and not keep letting upsetting thing's get to them they should not be scared to stand up and speak out to their parents, teachers and carers.

I will link with young people by going around the country to talk about the problems in wales one of the things i might bring up is bullying  on how to stand up to them and what to do if teachers ,parents or friends are not around.

I think i will be a good rep because i have some experience my self with bullies and working with my brothers disabilities. And also i'd love to talk about world peace.The war all over the world is vial and a really big problem because everyone is loosing there homes and loosing family members which cases depression.

I think people should vote for because i can help them in need with there problems and work with them on how they would like to change the world. Everyone can change the world because that is what i try to do.


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