Angel Ezeadum


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Support for youth services

  • Public transport

  • Mental Health

Candidate profile:

Hello, I'm Angel and I want to be the voice of Cardiff West!   I would like to be a Welsh Youth Parliament member because I'm very enthusiastic about politics and I believe that it is really important that the youth's opinions are listened to. As young people, our views are often overlooked because adults are the ones who make the decisions for us. However, I want to change that because I think that the youth should be making decisions on issues that particularly affect them.  

I will make sure people in my area are heard by visiting local schools and youth clubs, providing them with leaflets and information to educate young people on local issues or events, and on ways that they can help/support the Parliament. I would use surveys and questionnaires to allow them to give their feedback, and most importantly express their opinions.  

Overall, you should vote for me because I have skills in leadership and working in a team. My experience consists of being a former house captain and school councillor. I take part in fundraising and regularly work alongside charities. Our generation is the future of Wales, so together let's make it a great one!


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