Ashleigh Watkins


Standing for:

Vale of Glamorgan

My key issues are:

  • Youth clubs

  • Child transport

  • Youth crime prevention

Candidate profile:

My name is Ashleigh and here are some reasons I should be on the welsh youth parliament. Firstly I am on the school parliament. Being on the school parliament has taught me more in eleven months than anything else has, it has influenced my life greatly and it’s given me the opportunity to advise and help design logos.

Vale Youth Forum I’m also attending VYF which you’ll probably know means vale youth forum. Attending the vyf has really impacted my education. VOG blog As you may know there’s an up and coming pupil voice blog named vog blog which stands for vale of Glamorgan.  Vog blog is a place for young people to share up and coming events. I was fortunate enough to attend that meeting and was able to input my opinion.

Rights ambassador In years 5 and 6 I was selected to be a rights ambassador and attend meetings to suppport children’s rights. I have a real passion for children’s rights and pupil voice because I feel children should have a say in their future to lead there generation to a brighter tomorrow.


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