Adhit Shah


Standing for:

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Reduce sale of junk food

  • Strict control on plastic use

  • Ban on smacking children

Candidate profile:

I am standing for the Welsh Youth Parliment to ensure that this country is a place people want to live in. Young people may have lower authority than their elders, but they can make a change if they are given the chance. I will write to schools to distribute brochures and will ask them to send me any suggestions they may have. there could be a poster designing competition in schools to tell people about the changes we are making. I can make a blog for others to know what changes are happening in the area by us and use to motivate kids.

I would like to think of myself as somebody with good intellect and leadership skills. I will listen to others and keep a note of their suggestions. I think I may be able to motivate young people like me to drive changes.


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