Naomi Evans


Standing for:

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Raise awareness of Mental Health

  • Support for victims of bullying

  • Let’s tackle homelessness

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Naomi Evans and I am 14 years old. The reason I am running for Welsh Youth Parliament is because I want to make a difference for the Young People in Wales. I believe I should represent on the Welsh Youth Parliament because: I am a confident speaker and I can listen to your views and then feed them into the Welsh Youth Parliament. I can work well as part of a team to get the sufficient outcome Young People want and need. I have strong communication skills therefore I can get my views, as well as yours, across.

Currently, I am a member of school council and have been for the past two years. I am also representing my school, for the second year, on the Youth Assembly for Pembrokeshire. This shows that I can represent the issues of Young People. I have also taken part in the scholars programme which shows my focused and hard working ethics. If I am elected I will strive for the best outcome and a positive result for the Young People of Wales. I will also make sure everyone’s voice is heard and appreciated. Thank you.


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