Amelia Furlong


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Improve youth mental health services

  • Abolish university fees for all

  • Lower voting age to 16

Candidate profile:

What do you look for in WYP? Someone who will make your voice heard? Someone who genuinely cares about improving opportunities for young people? I assure you that if I'm elected, I will exhibit my determination to help us young people prosper. I will not promise the unachievable. I will not pledge to shorten the school day or abolish school uniform. However, I will fight for better awareness for the 1/4 amongst us suffering with their mental health. Whether that's you or someone you know, I will fight for better funding, widespread provision of CAMHS,  and more pastoral care in schools. It is requisite that WYP members take on a more nurturing role within the community; hence I will arrange drop-in sessions in leisure centres so you can talk to me and have your voice heard.

You should vote for me if want someone with the persistence and drive to resolve issues that are important to you. I have competed in debates at national level; I won't be shy about fighting your corner. WYP brings an opportunity for change. It is a journey, I will complete it. A promise, I will fulfil it. A goal, I will achieve it. 


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