Elizabeth Hopkins


Standing for:

Cardiff South and Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Youth mental health

  • Political education in schools

  • Tackling bullying

Candidate profile:

It would be a great opportunity to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I like to represent the views of young people in Wales.

I have taken other leadership roles in the past. I am a member of the Cardiff Youth Council and I work very closely with VocalEyes, a digital democracy platform which is used to share ideas online. I was a member of the School Council in Year 5 and Head Girl of key stage 3 for the last academic year.

More importantly, I am eager to listen to young people like me and campaign for our ideas to be heard and taken into consideration.

For action to be taken! I want to support young people and show that we have every right to be heard and that our views can change the next generation for the better.

I would be very proud to represent young people in Wales and raise awareness on important matters.

The 3 key issues I would campaign for if elected are:

  • Mental Health

  • Bullying

  • Political Awareness

    Let us work together to make our voice heard and make a positive difference, please vote!


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