Gabrielle Batenga


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Environmentally friendly Wales

  • A curriculum for life skills

Candidate profile:

It's time for a change  - and it starts with you.  

As the future of Wales, we have a responsibility. The responsibility to make this country a safer, cleaner and more innovative place than ever before. This year, in 2018, we will finally be able to make ourselves heard. We can make decisions that affect us, do what we truly need instead of what adults think we want. Times are changing. Let's give ourselves a voice.  

I know I can take on the role of representing the people in this constituency. As a female member of the BAME community, I know what it is like to be suppressed. To be kept quiet simply because of my age, gender and race. It is time for this to change. I'm not afraid to talk out in front of many people and am very passionate about being able to say what I really think. However, I am also an avid listener, and there is no need to be afraid to reach out to me.

Together, we can make Wales a safer, cleaner and more innovative place than ever before.  

We need to look after our future, because our future starts now.


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