Meg Hopkins


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health awareness and education

  • Education and tuition fees

  • Public transport

Candidate profile:

I am extremely passionate about politics and the issues affecting young people across Wales and locally. I want to be a youth parliament member because I’m so often frustrated by the lack of power and sway that young people have in our political system and I am determined to help change this.

As I have experienced the education system in Torfaen I know its strengths and weakness and will work, if elected, to improve it using your feedback. I lead my college Debating Society so am able to effectively voice and articulate your concerns and I’m comfortable with public speaking.

If elected I will represent all the opinions of the youth in Torfaen and will be available to contact over social media including twitter and Facebook.

I believe that mental health is a particularly overlooked and underfunded area that affects too many of us. I’ve personally dealt with anxiety and understand how deeply mental health can affect everyday life; this has made me incredibly committed to improving the treatment options available in Torfaen and increasing awareness of mental illnesses and their effects. 


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