Sarah Zahid Rafique

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Unemployment

  • Mental health issues

  • Drug problems in schools

Candidate profile:

I am only fourteen years old, trying to raise awareness and solve important issues in Wales like drugs in school, unemployment and mental health. It doesn't concern me on how small the problems are as I value that every life deserves a voice to be heard. I aspire to improve the betterment and happiness of all Welsh lives.

I have learned skills from becoming the first S.T.E.P advisor in school. This role involves me helping pupils with their difficulties like family concerns, exam stress, drugs, mental health etc. I gain personal satisfaction from this. I strive for students to achieve a pleasant experience throughout their school life.  

I have received training courses and workshops on depression, stress, anxiety, self-harming, and eating disorders. I am currently attending courses on drug abuse. I highly enjoy educating myself and I noticed these topics are associated with isolation and loneliness, one of Wales's most significant issue (I am more aware from my GP father). As I am friendly, people approach me with their struggles, hence I can easily bring forward issues. That's why I want to be apart of the WYP so I can use these skills on a bigger scale.


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