Anastasia Lili Stockton


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Curriculum for life/Welsh baccalaureate 

  • Food banks & homelessness

  • Vote 16

Candidate profile:

I’m here to change the mind of any young person who thinks politics “isn’t for them”. The fact of the matter is, politics is for everyone. All ages, genders, cultures and religions. With so many nationwide decisions being depicted by adults, I would be honoured to be a member of a parliament that gives the youth a say in how our futures are moulded. Furthermore, I’ve always been driven to represent. Having been chair of NPT Youth Council, an advisory member for the Children’s commissioner and a U.K. Youth parliament representative, it is evident that I strive to be a trumpet for the voices of NPT’s young people. I have a passion for advocating the rights of those around me and stand by the ideal of support within our communities.

If I was a member of the youth parliament I would do everything in my favour to ensure my constituents are heard. Moreover, I have always been brought up to care. Whether that be for underrepresented groups or even the changes our world undergoes. One promise I can always keep - representative or not - is that I will always care for you, and the opinion you are entitled to. 


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