William Tomas Ridd


Standing for:

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Shorten the school day

  • Reform the GCSE selection process

  • Improve Mental Health support

Candidate profile:

My name is William Ridd and I am running to be your next member of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

For a while it has been a wish of mine to seek office but there were not opportunities for me however now with the Welsh Youth Parliament that opportunity has come.

If elected, I will treat everyone single person in my constituency with the respect they deserve and listen to any ideas they may have.

Shorten the school day.  Compared to other countries such as Finland we are falling behind they have shorter school days so shouldn’t we follow their example. I would propose shortening the school day from a standard 8:30 - 15:20 to 9:20 - 15:00 to allow students to be better rested and more prepared to study.

And that’s one of 3 ideas. I believe that you should vote for me as I will always fight for my constituents and never be pressured into going against my values.

I don’t have enough words to say what I want to say but vote for me to give me the greatest honour of my young life to serve and represent the greatest city in Wales, Swansea!


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