Arianwen Fox-James


Standing for:

Brecon and Radnorshire

My key issues are:

  • Transgender youth rights in schools

  • Discrimination against disabilities (learning / physical)

  • Rural area access to facilities

Candidate profile:

I think I would make a good representative, I’ve lived in our constituency all my life and personally find myself immersed in the language of Wales.

I would greatly enjoy the chance to represent the youths of Powys because I relate to the difficulties facing young people growing up in our rural community for example: transport issues [whether you’re attending  school clubs or wanting to hang out with friends,] support for LGBTQ+ youth community and the discrimination they face daily. I would like to give a voice to young people and all the individual difficulties we face in our daily lives whether that’s health, physical, learning disability or just the struggle of finding a balance between social/home life and school.

I believe hosting a fortnightly community session for locals to not only talk about their suggestions but to also appreciate the meetings as a safe place for them to connect with other people would help us build a stronger community.

I’ve recently been voted on to the student school council I’ve been given the responsibility of budgeting.

I believe that the combinations of my social skills and drive to help and support people will make me an excellent candidate. 


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