Sara Hussnain

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Standing for:

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Unequal pay

  • Driving age

  • Voting age

Candidate profile:

I believe that I would be an amazing Youth Parliament member as I am confident and I will speak up for what people want.

I am confident and diligent towards my work and I will also show this attitude if I am elected as a Youth Parliament member.

I am currently a member of pupil voice at my school and have recently spoken out about the disagreements among  students about the refurbishments in our school. As of speaking out about the disagreement, the school held back the plans and it even managed to  get into the Argus, showing how I will stand up for what people wish.

People should vote for me as I will stand up for their rights and ensure that all their views are listened to.

As I have previously been a member of pupil voice in my school I already possess many of the qualities a Youth Parliament member needs. I will interact with people in my community to ensure that the issues in our society are resolved. I will not take no for an answer and will be a worthy member which everyone can speak to about issues in our society.


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