Megan Jones


Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Mental health in young people

  • Votes at 16 locally

  • Reduces Wales’ environmental impact

Candidate profile:

As a young person in wales, I often feel our voices aren’t heard.

Coming from a background that may not be very privileged, I feel that I can offer a voice that is not heard in the “big leagues” and speak up for the little man. If I were to be nominated, I plan to assemble a team of consultants from all over the Cynon Valley in an attempt to interact with as many people as I can.

I pride myself in my interpersonal skills and how I am able to speak with people from all walks of life. I am extremely passionate about the issues I am standing for. I am an active member of my community and I have multiple experiences under my belt that could help me on my parliamentary journey.

I participated in Judicium London week where all of my problem solving skills and creativity was put to the test. I will be travelling to Poland in October to participate in an international conference on immigration and racism via the Erasmus project.

I hope these experiences will benefit me if I am voted into parliament. We are the future, we need to be heard. 


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