Rhys Lloyd


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Preventing bullying

  • The environment

  • Wellbeing of young people

Candidate profile:

I want to be part of the Parliament, as I want to represent  young people in my area.  

I will use safe social media questionnaires and polls, as well as speaking to school councils,  to understand what young people want.  

I will ensure that every school has a safe place for young people to go when they are feeling anxious, or need some time away from peers.  

I am on the school eco council. I will campaign for a tax on plastics and for that money to be used to improve the environment locally.  

I believe there should be a nurse/ mental health practitioner available to every school, to assist with the growing anxiety, depression and other mental health issues our young people face.  

I will encourage young people and adults to sign a pledge to agree to be kind to each other, not denigrate or belittle.  

I ask for your vote to enable all young people to have a voice, regardless of age, colour, religion,  gender, sexuality or disability.  I treat everyone with respect and I am an excellent listener and orator.  I care about people, animals and the world we inhabit.  I can help you make a difference.  


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